Tiny Doors | Northern Beaches Art Project

Student Artists

Student Artists

Every element of these tiny pieces of art were thought of, designed and made by talented young artists from our community. They were inspired by the books they read as children and the books they can’t live without now. From March to November these young people met, working incredibly hard to bring these special item to our community.

The Tiny Doors student artist teams consisted of;

  • Starley Bolton-Johnson and Fern Sharples -Dorothy’s door

  • Emilia Jones - Smaug’s door

  • Amy Reddacliff - Door to the Chamber of Secrets

  • Abbey Melville - The Cat in the Hat

  • Anna Winterford and Rory Hollinsworth - The Lorax’s door

  • Charlie Verity, Amelia Thornthwaite, Joy Paola, Holly Smith, Clare Vanderlaan and Leon Clark - Bilbo Baggins’s door and Paddington’s London Phone box

  • Marie Salisbury - Spirited Away door

  • Riley Best - Ghostbusters

  • Sebastian Middlehart Teasdell and Fletcher Crowley - Gypsy Caravan door

  • Janey Yang - The Looking Glass

  • Monet Casper and Breanna Jay - Alice in Wonderland

  • Sada Perrin - The faraway tree

  • Holly Henderson - Ruby Redford’s spy door

  • Ben Sharp and Sarah Bedwin - Jurassic Park gates

  • Kaurie Palmer - The TARDIS

  • Jamie Quiggin - Snoppy’s kennel

  • Sienna Leisk - The 104-Storey Treehouse

  • Shawn Hutton - Door of Durin

  • Keelie Ragen - The Gingerbread house

  • Lucia Jans and Olivia Larcombe - Door to the House at Pooh Corner

  • Amelia Horne - Rapunzel’s tower

The Northern Beaches Council Library Service would also like to thank the four local schools who participated in the Tiny Doors project, contributing 10 doors to the project.

The Beach School - The Valentines Day door and The BFG ears.

Fisher Road School - Wilbur’s barn and the gates to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Cromer High School - Wendy’s window, the upstairs wardrobe, Cinderella’s castle and the graveyard door

Mackellar Girls High School - The entrance to Atlantica and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle