Tiny Doors | Northern Beaches Art Project

#22 - Lord of the Rings

The Doors of Durin

durin (1).jpg

‘Speak friend and you will enter.’

-J.R.R. Tolkien

The Fellowship of the Ring

Built by: Shawn Hutton

“I was inspired by its intricate drawings of the fictional elvish and dwarfish language engraved onto the door, combined with the natural aesthetic of trees that form the frame of the door demonstrating both craftsmanship and nature. Lord of the rings tries uses different races to emphasise different culture’s styles by using over the top mastery of each race’s respective skills i.e. Dwarf architecture, Elf craftsmanship. That’s why I thought Lord of the Rings would be a great repository for over-the-top doors.”

Artist Mentor: Stephanie Powell

Materials: Air-drying clay, resin cast from silicone mould, laser cut acrylic, paint, moss and resin coating.

Location: Dee Why Beach Lifeguard Tower