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Jo Ragen

Jo Ragen


Jo is a long-time resident of the Northern Beaches and is a self-confessed book nerd. You can often find her hiding in the corner of the library working on one of her writing projects. She has a passion for community and values the power of creativity and the arts to bring diverse groups of people together. Jo is a PhD candidate at Sydney University and has a Masters in Community Management and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Technology Sydney. She works as a Community Development Consultant and is also a Research Associate at Sydney University. Her work focuses on participation for diverse populations and the development of all-inclusive environments.

Jo’s artistic efforts have included sculpture, pottery, ceramics, painting and drawing. More recently she has been using her artistic skills to help generate and translate academic research. Some examples include the design and implementation of loose part playgrounds, the development of a series of cartoons to communicate research results to wider audiences, the use of ‘found poems’ to communicate qualitative research outcomes, and the design of interactive smart app interfaces that support research inputs and outputs.

Jo has been employed as a lecturer at Sydney University, senior research coordinator at Macquarie University, recreation and community projects coordinator, a consultant for community development and social innovation, and free-lance artist.