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About Us

About Us

Tiny Doors is a youth-led art project involving 88 young participants between the ages 12-to-24, working with professional artists, digital producers and marketing officers.

When the project began in March 2018, three teams were formed to bring the doors to life; an art, website and marketing team. From the beginning of the project until the launch on 7 December, all teams met regularly for a series of collaborative workshops. From these sessions, 32 unique miniature public art instillation were developed and hidden in plain sight. The tiny doors have been installed across the Northern Beaches, arranged into five mini hunting trails.

The doors were made from a wide range of materials including resin, clay shells, fabric, moss, buttons and a ton of paint and glue. Over 540 hours were spent creating the doors and this website. We would like to formally thank Peter Reavie from Big Models. Peter played a significant role in the making of the tiny doors as he performed all the laser cutting and 3D printing.

Where did this project come from you may ask? We were inspired by Tiny Doors Atlanta, a similar project that is run in Atlanta, Georgia. We wanted to bring the tiny doors to the Northern Beaches so in 2017, the Northern Beaches Council Library Service won a grant from NSW Government to run a youth lead project and thus, tiny doors were born.

Each door you see represents a door or portal from literature, each a unique and beloved story that was chosen by our participants.

We hope with these tiny creations, to engage community participation and cause a bit of excitement.

The hunt is on… #tinydoorsnb

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