Tiny Doors | Northern Beaches Art Project

#27 - Snoopy

Snoopy’s Kennel


- Charles M. Schulz


Built by: Jamie Quiggin

“Cartooning is my favourite drawing style and I admire Charles M. Schulz’s talent. Snoopy’s adventures are funny, especially when he pretends to be other characters, and I really like how much he loves Woodstock. We never get to see inside Snoopy’s doghouse, so the doorway marks the entry to a mysterious home with all sorts of things like a pool table, a Van Gogh painting, a TV and a whole library. It’s big enough for Snoopy to entertain seven kids and even have some of them sleep over. I felt it was important to include some other things with the doghouse to help tell a story. Snoopy’s dish was often featured in the comic strips and sometimes Woodstock enjoyed swimming in it. Snoopy was well-known for catching a baseball in his mouth. I painted the inside of the doghouse black because you never actually see inside, and painted a simple background like Schulz’s drawings.”

Materials: Wood, polymer clay, canvas and acrylic paint.

Location: Dee Why Library