Tiny Doors | Northern Beaches Art Project

#20 - Winnie the Pooh

Door to the House at Pooh Corner


‘Love is taking a few steps backward, maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love.’

- A. A. Milne


Built by: Olivia Larcombe and Lucia Jans

“We chose the Winnie the Pooh because it has always been a favourite childhood book of ours and it has always reminded us of the simplistic creativeness of children. We felt the door had to have several distinguishing features; specifically, the Mr Sanders sign (the previous tenant) and the hunny pot to instantly identify it as Winne-the-Poohs house. It was also really important to use to have the door framed around an old tree trunk, as it is in the story.”

Materials: Clay, wood, silicone, resin and paint.

Location: Stony Range